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Defly.io is helicopters battle game. Fly on helicopter and fight against enemy helicopters. Build walls to protect your base and to capture as much territory as possible. Enjoy and share with your friends!

Upgrade your helicopter: the speed, bullets, shield, build distance, rang, protection and health.
At level 20, you can choose one of the super powers. Dual shot: incredible fire power. Speed boost: make faster moves to escape or get around enemy.
Clone: double your firepower and confure your enemy. Flashbang: white out your opponents screen for a few seconds
Teleport: surprise attacks or evasion... you decide! Shield: lower the risks by allowing you to take 1 shot without dying.
Play the game by the developer Florent in full screen online on PC or mobile devices.
Did you know that the game has already been played by 24,381 people and you are now among them.

How to play

Move = WASD (or arrow keys), Build = Right Click or Space, Aim = Mouse, Shoot = Left click, Upgrade = click the skill or press keys 1-7.

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