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Starblast.io is spacecraft war game. Here players fight for the survival on the ships in the space. Destroy meteorites to get gems and upgrade your spacecraft. Destroy enemy spaceships and get victory. Enjoy and share with your friends!

The game basic rules: select the ship, upgrade it and destroy enemies. After a while, new players cannot join the game. Death match begins, one of the strongest players wins.
Some tips and tricks: if you team up, you can destroy more powerful planes than yours.
Recently, new game modes have been added to the game: Deadly Match - One strongest player wins. FFA survival mode - well, everything is clear, you should try to survive to the end. Team mode - team against team - here is only a team game and strategy.
The game by the developer Neuronality available for PC and mobile devices in full screen.  Watch also OBFOG gameplay.
Did you know that the game has already been played by 38,557 people and you are now among them.

How to play

You can control the plane with the mouse or keyboard. Left mouse click to shoot, hold right mouse button to fly. Arrow keys to move, Space bar to shoot.



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