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Robots Fight io in multiplayer mode in the cool 3D first person shooter Robofight io. Excellent graphics, a lot of weapons, the ability to register and save achievements, so, almost like Counter Strike! Enjoy and share with your friends!

So, what robots can do in Robo Fight io:
Shoot from behind the shelter or the corner, as in modern console games.
By the way, you can watch for other players in Spectate mode in the Robots Fight io game. You can choose one of 7 types of weapons:
automatic machine gun AR105
Automatic gun SR35
Sniper rifle
Laser Gun
Shotgun SV9
CQ rifle
Only the automatic machine gun is available for free, you will have to unlock and buy all other weapons. For this you have to register in the game. I recommend trying all kinds of weapons. So the game is similar to the all time trend Counter Strike game. Try the game at OBFOG in full screen, invite your friends, by the way the game has a link to invite a friend and comment.
Did you know that the game has already been played by 7,432 people and you are now among them.

How to play

WASD = move, left mouse click to shoot, right mouse click to aim, Q or E to peek, Shift to sneak.


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