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A cool first-person shooter Shell Shockers, became the first 3D shooter in the world of .io games. You play like an egg. Choose your weapon, gun, shotgun or automatic rifle to destroy all the other eggs on the arena. Enjoy and share with your friends!

Shell Shockers io is a fun action shooting game in which you have to show your real fighting skills. You can choose 3 game modes: Free for all - here each player is for himself, the strongest win.
Team mode - 2 teams fight against each other.
Capture the flag - you must grab the flag first.
You can also choose one of 6 eggs warriors, like soldier or ranger, scrambler or eggs ploder, crackshot or whipper, each of them one has its own weapons and skills. Before you start playing Shell Shockers, select one of 6 weapons: an assault rifle, a gun, a sniper rifle, a grenade launcher, and a rifle with an aim. Take the best for you. So the main goal is to destroy as many players as possible.

By the way, you can create an account, save your achievements and even create your own private server. Play Shell in multiplayer mode with friends, unblocked at school at OBFOG in full screen mode, watch the video walkthrough.

Shell Shockers developer is Blue Wizard Digital. If you like the game, lets try another great FPS Combat Online.
Did you know that the game has already been played by 134,141 people and you are now among them.

How to play

WASD or Arrow = move, E = change weapon.



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